The production of "KubanElectroSchit" has been successfully implemented in multiple industries such as metallurgical, oil&gas and chemical ones, as well as in agriculture, civil&industrial engineering, transport and communication companies.

1. Compact transformer substations (rated voltage is 10(6) - 20kV). Their cases can be made of metal, concrete and other materials depending on what a customer requires in every specific situation; 
2. Switchgears 10(6) - 20kV for outdoor installation;
3. Switchgears "KSO" series 10(6) - 20kV;
4. Distribution panels 0.4kV;
5. Low-voltage reactive power compensation units;
6. High-voltage electricity metering equipment.


  Depending on the major function that a substation is supposed to implement two main categories can be highlighted. Namely, step-up and step-down power transformers. A substation can contain one or two power transformers due to specific requirements. 


  A step-up power transformer enhances original voltage up to a certain level (eg. 35/110kV) while a step-down power transformer decreases initial voltage level (eg. 10/0.4kV). A substation can contain one or two power transformers as it has been mentioned before. The latter solution is widely implemented when higher level of reliability of power supply is required. In this case the second power transformer plays role of back-up.
KubanElectroSchit Ltd. produces the following power substations:
- Compact transformer substations in concrete cases;
- Compact transformer substations in metal cases;
- Compact substations of different implementation.


  Power equipment varies depending on its actual purpose and place of installation. For instance, smaller substations are used for agricultural purposes and for remote areas power supply. Indoor installation solutions are mostly used for larger power consumers such as an industrial enterprise, a large warehouse or a distribution center or a mall. Whatever your requirements are our professionals can assist you in order to find the best possible solution!